Permanent & Contract Recruitment

Edwards Executive offers the following best practice solutions:

  • retained executive search across mid- to senior-level roles
  • advertising search strategies across mid- to senior-level roles
  • fixed term contract options across mid- to senior-level roles
  • a recruitment process that incorporates internal candidate consideration
Edwards Executive has built a reputation for excellence in the recruitment of highly technical positions, as well as for positions where there is a major skills shortage. With a strategy focused on working with a small number of clients across a more diverse range of roles, we ensure our client base has access to a larger pool of talent from competing companies.

In states where executive search capabilities in the wealth management sector are fewer, we work vigorously to attract the best talent in the market, in addition to discussing relocation options with candidates in other states.

Edwards Executive offers executive search on mid-level management and specialist roles, in addition to senior level positions. Unlike many recruitment groups, this unique point of difference ensures that we can work with clients in attracting the very best talent to their teams across a range of levels and with the same commitment and thoroughness applied to more senior roles.

Edwards Executive employs an award-winning CRM system specifically designed for executive search companies around the world. We also leverage leading online sourcing methodologies to produce tailored solutions for our clients.

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